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The Caribbean


Where in the Caribbean?

With stunning landscapes, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and a sunny year round climate, the red hot Caribbean has hundreds of exciting destinations for every lifestyle. That’s why when it comes to island destinations, the Caribbean and its islands are one of the most popular vacation, honeymoon, and destination weddings spots in the world. Here you can have the best of everything from gorgeous beaches, wonderful surf, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling, to great food, exciting gambling casinos, shopping, and a wide range of nature-related activities.  You can get a whole range of options including the most luxurious all inclusive-resorts and rental villas to the most eco-friendly honeymoon accommodations.


 Flash and Glamour – Anguilla

The most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, Anguilla is an island known for the flash and glamour of many of its resorts. For this reason, the island is a popular Caribbean travel destination for many visitors who want to bask in the compelling charm, romance, and excitement that the islands are known for.

Honeymoon Favourite – Antigua

Antigua markets itself as a luxury Caribbean travel escape. Its many hotels and resorts located around the coastline are all favorites when it comes to honeymooning while on a Caribbean travel. Antigua has hotels that have won numerous awards for being the most romantic, including Sandals Grande Antigua. The island boasts a  beach for every year and its beautiful pink sand beaches is an experience in itself.

Hybrid Beat – Bahamas

Are you up for a little eco-luxury? Tiamo, an earth-friendly resort made up of a row of wooden cottages that are chic and simple at the same time, provides the ultimate in Caribbean luxury travel. Scattered along a quite strand of white powder on Andros island in the Bahamas, this Caribbean luxury travel resort is surrounded by orchids and giant lizards and offers nothing but relaxed comfort and ecological correctness. This Caribbean luxury travel resort offers the perfect antidote to the Caribbean’s more familiarly hedonistic piña colada and party resorts. At Tiamo, the Caribbean is reduced to barefoot luxury – polished and refined yet set in an environment that can only be described as natural.

Out of all the Bahamian islands in the Caribbean region, Andros is one of the less well-known. And yet, its subdued allure is what makes it even more appealing as a Caribbean luxury travel destination. With an area of 2,300 square miles and home to only 8,000 people, it is one of the least explored places in the western hemisphere –making it perfect if you desire seclusion and nothing to distract you from your new lifetime partner.

Costa Rica

The name literally means “rich coast” but Costa Rica is rich for far more than its coast. The country is replete with incredible natural beauties and many species of animals, some of them extremely rare and can only be seen if you go on a Costa Rica Caribbean travel.

A Costa Rica Caribbean travel offers you active volcano exploration, wild animals, lush rainforests, and great beaches. On one of the ultimate paradises left untouched on this planet, there are lots of culture to offer, a democratic society, and Costa Rica is known as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. A Costa Rica Caribbean travel guarantees you a friendly atmosphere wherever part of the country you choose to visit.

The flora biodiversity alone is made up of well over 10,000 species of vascular plants and beautiful flowers. This makes a Costa Rica Caribbean travel even more exciting, with such fascinating and endless number of natural habitat for various flora and fauna.

Guanacaste is where most of the Costa Rica Caribbean travelers go because of the wide variety of scenery and activities offered. If you want to get really close to Costa Rica and actually see all these wonderful trees, plants, flowers, animals, and fish, then a Costa Rica Caribbean travel is all you need.

There is a wide range of activities to choose from on your Costa Rica Caribbean travel. Most of these depend on the part of the country in which you are vacationing. In the rainforest and you like birds, then bird watching walks with well-informed English-speaking guides or horseback riding are the type of Costa Rica Caribbean travel tours you should take.

You can also take one of those canopy tours, which are popular all over Costa Rica. But if you want the richest and best experience in Costa Rica’s rainforests, then avoid those that go through areas which are north towards the west. Here, the climates are dryer so naturally the vegetation lacks some of its beautiful richness in both density and color.

Clearly, Costa Rica is ideal for honeymooners who appreciate nature and being surrounded by rich, lush vegetation. Costa Rica is a trailblazer in offering eco-friendly accommodations for honeymooners without sacrificing the environment for luxury.


Newlyweds love Jamaica. The island attracts about one-third of honeymooners who desire to travel to the Caribbean. It satisfies anyone's desire because it offers something for everyone -a modest beach resort, an all-inclusive, or a luxury escape. Jamaica has all the ingredients for an incredibly memorable honeymoon or unforgettable wedding.

St. Lucia

Steep volcanic peaks, lush landscapes, and dramatic beauty are some of the reasons why St. Lucia is rapidly becoming a honeymoon haven. Accommodations range from eco-friendly to luxury all inclusive escapes. St. Lucia is great for culture seekers, history lovers, environmentalists, and boutique shoppers.

Where in Europe

Portofino World site is the new official tourist site for Portofino in Italy.  Always considered one of the eight marvels of the world, Portofino, famous for its beauty and exclusivity, has embraced the new technology of the internet so that everyone can admire and know its beauty and charm.


Unforgettable stars of the Dolce Vita such as Ava Gardner, Brigitte Bardot, Frank Sinatra, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, have made Portofino famous in the world which is synonymous with passionate and romantic encounters. Today, it is still the place to encounter the international Jet Set.

Portofino World Site will be a great virtual gateway on display every day throughout the world, with a refined and simple philosophy: "To unite all new technology into a unique easy style inspired by Made in Italy which is famous and respected in every corner of the world," says Editor Enrico Alexis.  It is a design integrating multimedia communications on the web, sponsored by the Comune di Portofino, through its Chairman of Tourism, Francesco Gaioni, who organised the style, quality and function of the site.

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