Destination Wedding


You've made a great choice to have a destination wedding! Not only are you ensuring that your wedding will be special,  you have chosen a wonderful way to share this milestone with the people you love -and who love you most -while on vacation!

Destination weddings tend to be less stressful than traditional weddings because many resorts specialize in weddings and offer wedding consultants on site. Many resorts even offer a private wedding planner the day before and the day of the wedding. Although most resorts offer wedding packages, many couples customize the wedding package they have selected to make their wedding truly unique. All of these benefits mean that you are not running around from the banquet hall, salon, spa, limousine, etc. And best of all, after your ceremony, you don't have to hassle in an airport to start your honeymoon!

Contact us for help with deciding on a destination, a resort, or even a wedding package that is right for you.