Honeymoon Tips

  • Wedding-Beach-WalkRETPlan Together

Make planning your honeymoon as important as your wedding. It is the start of your life together – after the family and friends leave your celebration. Your honeymoon is time for you and your new life partner and deserves as much attention as your wedding day!


  • Pre-Book

This includes candlelight dinners, tours, excursions, and spa treatments. You’ll get the dates and times you want and avoid being disappointed. You will also know exactly how much the entire honeymoon will cost –start to finish. You can enjoy being with each other and doing the things you want to do without worrying about pulling out your wallet for cash.

  • Upgrade

Get the room you want! Although most hotels offer honeymoon upgrades, they are based on availability. Niyoka Travel will get you all the honeymoon perks available at your resort but don’t take chances not getting the suite of your dreams!

  • Book in Your Maiden Name

Your documents may not be ready in time to travel for your honeymoon. Unless you’re postponing your honeymoon for a few months after the wedding, book in your maiden name.

  • Be Radiant

Exfoliated skin tans better. If you didn’t get the chance to exfoliate your body before your wedding day, make it a priority to shortly after you arrive at your destination. Plus, pampering yourself after all the planning you’ve done for your wedding and honeymoon may be the perfect way to start your honeymoon and be radiant doing it.

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