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Destination weddings are more laid back and casual than traditional weddings. Your dress, hair, and make up should reflect this –especially if you are getting married on a beach.

Destination Weddings


The Dress

Opt for a dress that is simple yet beautiful and elegant. Like your hair, you want your dress to be able to move naturally in the breeze and makes you feel comfortable.  Chiffon, charmuese, and organza are some popular fabrics for destination weddings.Some resorts partner with local businesses to provide wedding dresses for the resort. This might be option should “something” happen to your dress!

Vacation Your Way highly recommends that you shop for a wedding dress before you leave. You want to make sure your dress will fit you perfectly and that you get the style you want. You can bring your dress on flight as a carry on (same for the groom). Keep in mind that fabrics that complement destination weddings are usually ideal for packing. If any ironing or minor cleaning needs to be done, that can be done at the resort.

Because of the increase in destination weddings, many bridal stores are beginning to include a section for destination wedding dresses in their stores. Ask the sales representative to direct you.

Be sure you coordinate your dress with your groom! You may have to compromise here a bit but it’s great practice for your marriage! In fact, make sure your entire bridal party is coordinated for the sake of your wedding photos!


The Hair

Up dos might be too formal for the atmosphere of a destination wedding. Choose hairstyles that will allow your hair to move in the ocean breeze and capture the natural beauty of the backdrop and you. Besides, you may not have your hairstylist with you to put your tresses back in order if Mother Nature strikes!

If colouring or treating your hair, do so a week or two before you leave. Your hair will have time to recover from the chemical treatment before you expose it to the sun and sea. You can also relax knowing that you’ll have the perfect colour, cut, or treatment on your wedding day.

Remember to avoid shampooing your hair on the day of your wedding and only lightly conditioned a couple days before.

Pre-book an appointment at the salon or spa at the resort for you or your bridal party and save yourself the headache. If you selected a stylist at the resort before arriving at the destination, make sure you meet with him or her before wedding day and bring another photo of the style you want. You’ll be able to make sure your expectations are met and –depending on the stylist- even have a trial run before wedding day.


Tips for Him

Be sure to coordinate your attire with your bride. Most likely, she will be dressed in fabrics like chiffon or organza. You may also opt for chiffon, cotton/linen, too. If she is dressed more traditionally, you should be, too. In fact, you will want to make sure everyone in your bridal party is coordinated!

It’s okay to wear sandals!!


For the Bridal Party

Be considerate of the cost and the style of the dress! Most likely, your party is paying hundreds of dollars to share your special with you. Be respectful of the budget that they may have set to join you.

The Golden Rule applies here! Select attire that you would wear personally otherwise leave it alone. Also,  let them feel listened to when they voice their concerns about a dress or suit. The better they look and feel, the better your pictures will be!

  • Alterations should be done two to four weeks before departure.
  • Shoes and accessories should be purchased when the dresses are purchased.
  • Coordinate your bridal party!



Give your guests enough time to prepare to join you on your special day. It may be an expense for some and others may need to make arrangements for childcare or with work to join you.  So, send invitations out early –about a year in advance. It may include a price range or may not include a price at all.

Do invite all the people who are important in your lives regardless of what is going on in theirs! Let them decide they can’t make it! It will avoid any hurt feelings later on.

The most important thing to do is decide on the destination and property and include this in the details. Your guests will need to know if the resort allows children –make it clear that the resort is adults only on the invitations if it does not. We will provide you with enough business cards to include when mailing the invitations.

Include Vacation Your Way business cards to make your guests know they are not alone. Using one agency for your party will help to ensure that your guests get the best rates available and makes it easier to communicate with the hotel about your party and wedding needs.

Outside of covering their costs for travel, any event you invite your guests to that is connected to the wedding should be paid for by you. This includes: spa treatments, reception dinner, wedding cruise, etc. If guests decide to book something on their own, that is their financial responsibility.

Ask us how Vacation Your Way can help you to pre-book a memorable event for your guests as a way to say, “Thank you for joining us!”.

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